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Brazilian Cherry

Grades: Select

Widths: 3" – 8"

Profile: T&G Square edge, micro bevel, V-groove

Lengths: 6' – 16'

Thickness: ¾" standard, other custom thicknesses available

Lead Time: 2 – 3 weeks

Select Grade: Brazilian Cherry or Jatoba, consists of about 25 species that occur in the West Indies, and from Southern Mexico through Central America into the Amazon basin of South America. The sapwood is grey and usually quite wide. It has a medium to course texture, and interlocked grain. The heartwood which is sharply differential from the sapwood, is russet to reddish brown, and often marked with dark streaks. Very high strength, and compares favorably with white oak. It is used for Flooring, turnery, furniture, cabinetwork, veneer and more.