Eastern Pine

Eastern Pine

Grades: Select and Country

Widths: 3"- 18"

Profile: T&G Square edge, micro bevel, V-groove

Lengths: 6' – 16'

Thickness: ¾" standard, other custom thicknesses available

Lead Time: 2 – 3 weeks

Select Grade: Eastern White Pine grows from Maine to Northern Georgia and the Great Lake States. About one half the production of Eastern White Pine lumber occurs in New England, about one third in the Great Lake States, and most the remainder in the Middle Atlantic and South Atlantic states. The heartwood is light brown, often with a reddish tinge. It turns darker on exposure to air. The wood has a relatively uniform texture and is straight grained. Eastern White Pine is lightweight, moderately soft, and moderately low in strength, low in shock resistance, and low in stiffness. It is used in flooring, sashes, doors, furniture, interior woodwork, knotty paneling, and more.

Country Grade: For an antique country look character grade, with a variety of knots and defects, can be enhanced even more by skip planning and distressing the wood on site. Undesirable defects can also be removed on the job site.