Heart Pine

Heart Pine

Grades: Select and Country

Widths: 3" – 11"

Profile: T&G Square edge, micro bevel, V-groove

Lengths: 6' – 16'

Thickness: ¾" standard, other custom thicknesses available

Lead Time: 2 – 3 weeks

Select Grade: Heart Pine grows along the Caribbean side of Central America from Belize to Northeastern Nicaragua. It is also native to the Bahamas and Cuba. The heartwood is golden- to red-brown and distinct from the sapwood, which is light yellow. This softwood species has a strong resinous odor and a greasy feel. It is used for flooring, interior woodwork, and more.

Country Grade: For an antique country look character grade, with a variety of knots and defects, can be enhanced even more by skip planning and distressing the wood on site. Undesirable defects can also be removed on the job site.