Custom Hardwood Floors on a Budget

Create Beautiful and Elegant Floors “Board by Board”


Have you ever wanted to transform a dull wood floor into a unique work of art? Custom wood floors have become a trend in the wood flooring industry, and many consumers want to customize on a budget. By adding a painted border, different species of wood, or darker finish to a wood floor, any room in any home can be magically transformed.

“Custom wood floors add so much beauty to a home,” says Ed Korczak, executive director of the National Wood Flooring Association. “Traditionally, custom floors have been expensive. But with a little imagination, consumers can have a unique floor on a budget.”

Painted hardwood floors add versatility to a room, pairing traditional elements with unique ideas. Transforming older hardwood floors into attractive focal points of a home yields striking results. Custom painted hardwood floors may make a room appear larger or may complement the décor. A checkerboard design may evoke a classic look, while gingham may portray a country setting.

No matter the chosen design, painted hardwood floors are becoming artistic investments for many homeowners. Painted floors reflect personality and an unmatched attention to detail. Gingham patterns, oriental rugs and marble tiles can be simulated with a few colors, paint and a brush. Pricing can range from affordable to expensive, depending on the artist and amount of painted floor space.

Another customizing option is adding a different species of wood, domestic or exotic, to an already finished floor. It is as simple as adding a border around the fireplace or a unique design in the center of the room. By pulling up a few old pieces of wood in any room and replacing them with new planks of different species, you can achieve a one-of-a-kind look.

Oak makes up about 90 percent of the wood flooring market share. Domestic and exotic species of wood added to a room include Brazilian cherry, bamboo, maple, ash, and birch. Depending on the species, amount of wood used, and installer, pricing ranges from affordable to moderately expensive.

Adding a darker urethane finish is one of the most affordable ways to add flair to a wood floor and is not as labor intensive as the other customizing options. If done properly, a dark rich finish looks identical to a new exotic species. Urethane finishes resist wear and stains better than other finishes and require no stripping, buffing, or waxing.

So, for a custom look that any homeowner will be proud of, try these expert recommendations. Rediscover wood floors for their wide range of species, designs, styles, and prices to meet any budget.

The National Wood Flooring Association is a non-profit trade organization of nearly 3,000 wood flooring professionals working worldwide to educate consumers, architects, designers, specifiers, and builders in the uses and benefits of wood flooring. NWFA members receive the best in education, benefits, technical resources, and networking to advance their professionalism and success.

Reprinted by kind permission of the National Wood Flooring Association.
Copyright, 2005 NWFA

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